Posted by: martinworster | December 4, 2007


There ain’t much choice of drinking establishments within walking distance here except Atlanta Bar, which is one block North of my humble abode. Oh how I long to be close to an olde pub, not the the faux ones here which make you even more homesick. Like most bars in the US, Atlanta is polluted with TV screens on every wall. Behind the bar are banks of screens – showing baseball, American football and basketball, all dreadful sports apart from basketball which is at least barely watchable. It’s always disconcerting going out for a drink as you spend your time mindlessly staring at the screens in a celluloid trance. What happened to good old conversation in a bar? Oh to sup on some meade, served by a busty wench at some
Tudor Inne deep in the Cotswolds whilst a howling wind blows on the moors outside. Here, I go out and feel like I’m at the NASA control centre. Houston we have a problem…

Well actually Houston, we really did have a problem in Atlanta on Saturday night. I left the bar  at closing time a little tipsy and walked out into the tepid SoCal night. It was meant to be dark but it wasn’t as the police helicopter circled above shining it’s beam down on the car pack. I looked around and there was some sort of scuffle. It was hard to see, there weren’t punches being thrown. It just looked like two groups of men sort of swaying at each other, a pussy boil perhaps just about to explode into violent  fisticuffs. Police sirens wailed and more cop cars arrived. I was with my friend Eric. We put our heads down and walked through the car park thinking it best to make a sharp exit for home. Cops started shouting at us. One came towards Eric and pushed the butt of his large torch into his chest and said “if you don’t do what we say we will tazar you,”.

Honestly that’s what he said. We were walking home innocently. And the thing is he probably would tazar us. I read about these sort of things every day in the news papers. And it’s not just tazars – you might got shot. That’s the thing with fights and disturbances out here, you really don’t know which idiot will pull out a glock. It might be a few hundred years since cowboys roamed the West but it seems little has changed since those times.


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