Posted by: martinworster | February 3, 2008


It seems like every day I read something new which completely vindicates my vegetarianism. Not that I need my belief to be justified, it’s the one thing I know I am absolutely right in. The latest story I read was how lots of basic food prices will be going up in the next year – grains, wheats and other arable crops. The reason for this is that as more people in developing countries – India, China most notably – are becoming better off they eat more meat. The richest country in the world – the US – are clearly the bloodiest carnivores on the planet.

As the demand for meat increases the demand for grains to feed them also increases ergo the price of grain increases. Have you seen how much a cow eats? No, I haven’t either, but you can guess that it’s tonnes and tonnes per year as all they do is eat and shit. The whole point is rearing cattle and livestock for meat eaters is grossly inefficient and incompatible with an ever expanding world population sucking the planets resources. Perhaps the biggest inefficiency is land use. To rear cattle they of course have to live on land. Then to feed them you have to use up a lot more extra land for crops. Why not just use ALL this land to grow crops for human consumption? How will this play out in twenty years when there are even more hungry human mouths to feed? The future is clearly vegetarian my friends.

Then there is the amazing fact that being vegetarian is good for the environment. Cattle emit a lot of methane which contributes to global warming. This type of methane is particularly harmful to the environment too. Deforestation to rear cattle also has a huge negative contribution. 70% of former forests in the Amazon have been turned over to grazing (UN Report). Not to mention all the slurry, waste and faeces that trickles down into the ecosystem, in many cases decimating fish stock and plants in rivers and lakes.

When I look into the future I believe the world will one day be all vegetarian. Cultures and civilisations evolve – we used to hunt animals and eat their raw flesh. Then as creatures we migrated from the forests to the open planes becoming hunter gathers, growing crops, evolving and becoming more civilised in the process as we mastered new technologies.

It’s not just the ethical consideration – in my opinion it is clearly wrong to kill another animal to eat it. It’s more a necessity that we have to feed everyone and to do this rearing cattle and other animals to eat will soon become obsolete. Philosophically speaking, a good way to judge the development of civilisation is how they treat their animals. We are clearly failing on this at the moment but the turning point will be very soon.


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