Posted by: martinworster | April 4, 2008


I feel like I’m living under a deluge of junk. Sometimes life here feels like an endless struggle to deal with the tide of dross. Every day I have to sift through wads of pointless mail – credit card offers, vouchers for the dentist, loans, cars, attorney services etc – that land in my real postbox. It’s the snail mail equivalent of penis enlargment, herbal viagra and Russian brides who can’t wait to meet you. I’m on every marketeers database. I’ve even applied for credit cards – to be turned down and then receive another offer for the same card. They clearly can’t be arsed to scrub me off their list.

Every day with the post you also get pages of coupons, 20 cents off soup at the grocery store and every other can of shit you can imagine. I think how each and every one of the 300 million Americans gets the same shit. How much paper is that? How much ink? I shudder.

Its the same with the newspapers, the low point being Sunday. The bundle arrives thicker than a brick. The paper boys here all clearly have bigger arms than the Governor here. Once you’ve sifted out all the ads, coupons, catalogues and junk it’s 80% lighter. The quality versus quantity prinicpal is clearly not in operation here.

It gets tireing. It’s an uphill struggle trying to keep it out the house. I take a break and walk along the beach to take my mind off things. As I walk downstream from the rivermouth the beach is peppered with soda cans, food cartons, polystyrene, deflated balloons, broken bits of plastic, ice cream wrappers and every other bit of throwaway urban detritus you can imagine. It’s worse than the banks of the Thames. Instantly I feel worse.

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