Posted by: martinworster | April 4, 2008


I read an article today in the LA Times on circumcision which made me doubt my decision to get both of my sons lopped. The article questioned some of the health advantages of having your foreskin nipped and also said that it was a declining practice in the US, with it practiced on only 31% of births in the West.

Not that I should be so easily swayed by a newspaper article, but it did raise some red flags in my mind. Circumcision is a practice that originated in pre-Biblical Egypt. What the hell was  I doing getting an important part of my sons anatomy removed in California circa 2007? Isn’t it a breach of their human rights?  Plus, how will they relate to me as I am uncut? ‘Daddy, why is your winkle different?’ they will say in the shower.

The more I thought of it, the more I thought I should have waited, or not even given a green light to the scalping. It now feels like a slightly medieval, barbaric act. There is the movement to ban female circumcision, a practice particularly popular in the Horn Of Africa, although it cannot be really compared to male circumcision. Female circumcision involves removing the clitoris, an act to supress and control female sexuality, a brutal butchery to enjoyment.

Male circumcision has it’s roots in Judaism, originating from a time when maintaining hygiene was difficult whilst wandering in sweaty deserts. But again, it’s a different story in CA where two or three showers a day is common. I guess there’s no turning back, I don’t think you can be un-circumcised. The die has been cast, my sons are forever without an integral part of them and I am solely to blame.


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