Posted by: martinworster | April 12, 2008


The latest English northern ‘Indie’ upstarts…’

Just saw the Pigeon Detectives at Spaceland in Hollywood. I’d heard about about them from my trips back to the UK, a new indie band on the rise from Leeds. I have a mate from Leeds out here who was an old family friend of the drummer, so it was rock ‘n’ roll backstage passes all round.

They were very good, a post-punk five piece with hints of The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys in a post The Strokes kind of fashion. I say post-Strokes as to me they represented a watershed in indie music when most young guitar bands became pop. Prior to The Strokes if you were under 25 you’d probably be a wannabe DJ. After then, you’d pick up a guitar and right punchy indie anthems whilst wearing tight jeans and a Russel Brand style hairdo.

For most British Bands, cracking the US market is the holy grail and Pigeon Detectives are no different as evidenced by their hectic tour schedule. It didn’t show on the night. They were very polished, great musicians, all melding together as a band with some funny English banter between songs which probaly went right over the heads of most of the small US crowd.


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