Posted by: martinworster | April 24, 2008


I accidentally slaughtered two goldfishes the other day and I feel dreadful. Tammy bought Tristan two fish back from the reptile centre she works at. They’d normally have been fed to snakes and giant lizards. By coming to mi casa the two lucky fish had found a way out – or so they thought.

They came home in a very small container, so I thought I’d upgrade their home and put them in a bigger bowl. I filled the bowl up with water from the tap and then transferred the fish. Half an hour later when checking up on them one of them was dead upside down. The other was swimming in upside down circles, clearly on it’s last fins.

I was on the verge of tears. I’d taken two lives. I am a strict vegetarian as it’s cruel to kill and now I had blood on my hands. Two souls no more – because of moi.

I honestly thought the tap water would be fine. I remember winning goldfishes at the fair back in England and they survived. I suppose they were more hardy. The fish out here probably need reverse osmosis filtered, free range, sodium free Fuji water to survive. Luckily Tristan didn’t see the fish as this all happened at night so we didn’t have to explain death to him and he didn’t experience thier loss quite like I did.

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