Posted by: martinworster | April 24, 2008


Obviously I’m not on the market, but from what I’ve observed going out and attracting members of the opposite sex here is purely a numbers game. By numbers, I don’t mean asking lots of girls out, in the hope that at least one will say yes. The old skool scatter gun affect, or more viley, the shit stick approach. If you throw lots of shit, some of it’s bound to stick.

By numbers, I mean the various digits that make up a part of your identity out here, which can almost be keyed in like a algebra equation. How much to do you earn (x). How old are you (y). What is your ZIP code (z). What is your area code within the ZIP code (g). What is your cock size (f). What will be your retirement plan at 65 (h). How tall are you (a).

Thus if we use the formula:

x + y + z + g + f + h + a = eligibility.

Mine came out at 113411 – which is quite good I believe, but slightly below average for the Newport Beach / Huntington Beach borders. If I moved slightly inland I’d be quids in, or dollars up as they might say out here.

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