Posted by: martinworster | May 1, 2008


A man was killed by a Great White shark on Friday (April 25th) at Solana Beach in San Diego County. That’s about 45 miles south of us here in Huntington Beach. The worrying thing is that Great Whites normally live in the colder waters of Northern California so to reach San Diego (s)he’d have to brush the coast right where I live and surf. In fact a few weeks ago there were some alleged shark sightings in this area.

Perhaps it’s the start of a new trend? Perhaps one manifestation of global warming will be Great Whites migrating to different areas.

It won’t stop me surfing though – of course. The last fatal shark attack in Southern California was 1959. I run much more of a risk driving on the freeways here where fatalities are a daily occurence. But all the same it is a bit sketchy – eye witness accounts of the 1959 attack describe the free diver as being eaten whole, feet first, swallowed in one gulp. Gulp.



  1. I bet you’re right. The shark sighting off Point Loma just a couple days before he nailed that swimmer didn’t stop the surfers there.
    Aren’t surfers just luckier than normal people?

  2. Just surfed in through Technorati. Have you heard anything about that SD surfer whose body was recovered up in Ventura County yesterday? I’m curious if it’s another shark attack but so far the coroner hasn’t said anything…

  3. Hey Charles, no I haven’t – I’m waiting to hear like you. Where he was surfing is quite sharky so wouldn’t be surprised!

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