Posted by: martinworster | May 1, 2008


Carbon Silicon
Last year The Clash’s Tim Simenon took to the stage with The Good The Bad And The Queen. This year it was the turn of Mick Jones to strutt his stuff early on with some funny cockney banter and three bar blues. Old punks never die, they just come to the desert and play rock. Good to see a living legend.

Hottly tipped dance rock act who started off slightly lame and then get better as they churned out their hits (three to date). Seemed nervous to begin with and announced it was their first festival. Another band with only one albums worth of material to play with. Main song is a synth disco workout which I like.

Kate Nash
This years shy version of Lilly Allen. Seemed to win over the audience despite a withering stage persona. Sweet but ultimately hard to relate to her teeny angst my-boyfriend-doesn’t love-me-anymore-boo-hoo themes. A folky Avril Lavigne with a London accent.

Cinematic Orchestra
Nu school soul funk outfit as frequently talked about by Gilles Peterson, a man I listen to. Great to see a band with space in the music, perfect for their sunset slot. Great saxophonist and lead singer. Lovely jubbly.

Excited to see the German electro pioneers. Music great but the static quad Teutonic stage schtick soon wore thin. Great visuals on the big screens behind the main stage. My way of paying homage to an outfit to whom 50% of the acts here owe a great debt. TransEuroExpress.

I admit by now I was quite drunk and talked through a lot of it. I thought they might be quite boring – heavy soul headphone music that doesn’t relate to a live setting. But in fact it did. They were great. New material mostly superb too. Future music with soul and Beth Gibbons is an immense performer.

The man they got in to sell tickets. All the hits plus some interesting covers – you’d think he had enough back catalogue to work with. But I suppose it’s a festival of alternative rock lovers so why not bust out a version of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’? And the Beatles ‘Come Together’?  Amazing performance, great dancing, mind blowing guitar playing. Looks exactly like he did in 1985, not a hair out of place. Proto-James Brown dwarf funk here we go.



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