Posted by: martinworster | May 7, 2008


In all the excitement I inadvertently missed off some bands on my Coachella review:

Bock rocking cover versions with a jaunty full piece band. Guy from the Klaxons joins him on stage, as does Tim Burgess from the Charlatans and Ricky from Kaiser Chiefs, who I saw on this very same stage last year. No Amy Crackhouse. Only saw the last song but wondered what his next step would be in the music world after debuting with an album of covers. Version 2?

Punky NY art house. Mad lead singer who climbed right up the stage onto the rig forty feet above the crowd. “it’s hot as fuck and I need a hug…It’s hot as piss and I need a kiss..” he sang.

I was actually at school with Adam. He wasn’t really into music at that time so it was amazing to see him lead the dance tent in a merry, er, dance. We Want Your Soul. I was going to say hi but thought it might not be the most opportune moment.

Every year’s the same with Coachella, at the time I always think I will never return but as the memories mature I’m already looking forward to next year. It’s not off the wall like English festivals and the crowds are very tame but it’s pretty much unbeatable for seeing a host of good bands. The curation is the best thing.  There’s also a few acts I would have liked to have seen but couldn’t due to clashes or laziness: M.I.A, Does It Offend You Yeah?, Diplo, Datarock, Santogold, Calvin Harris, Hot Chip…but you can’t have it all.

Actually I was reading a review on the OC Weekly – the writer was moaning about the cigarette smoke. What sort of person goes to a festival and complains about smoke? Let alone a supposed music journalist. I’d love to see how he would respond at a European festival. It’s all about the music mate! What next, complaints about pesky drunk people. Call the fun police.

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