Posted by: martinworster | May 26, 2008


Saw Brit comedian Russell Brand do a live stand up gig again last night at the Roxy on Sunset Strip. Glad to see he’s moved up from the last venue I saw him at, the tiny Paul Gleeson theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. I guess in a space of weeks he’s conquered America.

The film he’s in Forgetting Sarah Marshall has done really well and he aparently acts well in it. I’ve yet to see it. At the Roxy, Morrissey was again in attendance – plus a lot of famous looking people I didn’t recognise in the VIP section.

As was expected Russell repeated a lot of the material – I didn’t mind. It was just as funny the second time around, plus he did do throw in some new gags and stories. He’s a very charasmatic guy. If he starts a cult I may well join it.



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