Posted by: martinworster | June 5, 2008


Can you believe I have lived in the US for almost three years and have yet to visit Hooters? Well I put wrong to rights and made my virgin appearance at this shrine to Americana and breasts the other night. In England males oggle naked breasts on Page 3 courtesy of stunners from Basildon, Guildford and other bizarre satellite towns. In America it seems that Hooters is the culturally prescribed method of tit watch, although not of the naked variety. For that pleasure it’s off to the Hustler club.

At Hooters the all American girls wear orange 70s style hot pants that leave little to the imagination. Their tops leave even less. Like the clothing, the whole thrust of Hooters ethos is stuck in the 70s. The attractive girls are servants to masculine requests for beer, deep fried buffalo wings, other food items bathed in fat, all delivered with shiny toothed grins whilst we watch sport on mutltiple screens. For many men it’s their idea of heaven. Hell yeah! After a while, I found the combination of the bright lights of the bar and dazzling teeth of Lacy from Fountain Valley a bit grating. Plus being vegetarian, the menu was limited. I opted for the ‘cheese platter’ – a toasted cheese sandwich with curly fries. After three pints of Stellar it tasted phenomenal. I wanted to comment the chef – who I’m guessing was French – on the way he toasted the white bread.

The first Hooters was started in Clearwater, Florida and now there are over four hundred establishments in the US, including hotels, plus a magazine and all the merchandising. In my experience, many American’s have an old fashioned sexist approach to women. The ritual of the cheer leader is a good example of how females are frequently objectified. Add to that beauty pageants, the cult of the Prom Queen, Girls Gone Wild and obviously Hooters, and you can see how common it is for women to be viewed merely as totty for our titilation. Plus, due to the overly strong thrust of religion in creating the American moral universe, cultural attitudes to female sexuality are often hypocritical and delivered with mixed messages. Witness the furor when Janet Jackson accidentally exposed her breast a few years ago at the Super Bowl. Plus, why can’t women sunbathe topless as in Europe?

Anthropologically speaking, Hooters was an interesting place. But if you really want to look at girls, you might as well cut to the chase and go to a strip club. You get the real deal. Right, I’m off to the Hustler club, they do a great cheese sandwich.

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