Posted by: martinworster | September 3, 2008

124. RE – RE – RE – BRAND

I saw Russell Brand perform at the Roxy on Sunset Strip last Sunday (Aug 31st). It’s the third time I have seem him this year. Some might say this is overkill or that I am developing stalker issues. Or perhaps a bit of both. I just think he’s a great comic who’s on the verge of major breakthrough here in the US and he’s hilarious. Or hil-hairy-arse, as Russel might say. This month he’s presenting the MTV VMA’s here in LA with Britney Spears. Actually, I wonder if I can get tickets for that? Then it really would be a case of impending restraining orders.

Admittedly a lot of the material was the same as the 2nd and 1st times I saw him – but it was still funny. He does go off on funny, meandering, stream of conscious, Messianic rants. I’ve pretty much listened to his Radio 2 Podcast from day one. Gosh I really am sounding like a sicko killer fan.

On Sunday he also filmed some of his next film. It’s the follow up to Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which I haven’t seen yet) and will hence be the work of comedy man-of-the-moment Judd Apatow (who I personally think is overrated). Russel did an hour or so routine then at the end he went backstage to re-emerge as his character. He plays an English rock star who’s fallen off the wagon back to his to boozing, drugging and womanising ways. So it’s an interesting merging of fact and fiction as Russel certainly has some experience with that.

On stage Russell pretended to play his guitar until the crowd (us) started booing him. Then he started to insult the crowd climaxing with him spitting at us and breaking a bottle of Jack Daniels over his head. He also had a scene where two female volunteers gave him a mock blow job whilst he played his guitar. I wonder if that will make it into the film? ‘Hey dad, look what work I got as an upaid extra on Russell Brands new film, nosh, nosh!’

The cynical in me thinks that the only reason Russell did the gig was too get unpaid extras for the scenes in his new film. Or extras who actually PAID to be in the film. I don’t mind – he’s good enough to merit that and I will probably see him for round four, this time taking my copy of My Booky Wook (his biography) for signing. Weirdo.


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