Posted by: martinworster | September 4, 2008


It’s culturally revealing when you compare the drinking habits of the young in America and England. As a rule, and probably especially in Southern California, moderation is the key. More than two pints of lager and you have ‘issues’ – you probably need to check into rehab to dry out after a course of extensive (and expensive) therapy. Thus it appears I have more issues than the Labour Party conference at Blackpool.

Coming back from a two month home sojourn in Blighty, the media was as ever getting in a tizz over binge and underage drinking. Daily Mail features on how cheap and easy it is to buy alcohol. Mind you, if I were young and growing up in England right now I’d probably resort to regular binge drinking sessions. There was also a lot of media coverage about drunken holiday makers, largely on Greek Island resorts. Some of them I’d been to in the late 90s – Malia, Zykinthos etc and naturally have very foggy memories of my time there.

I’m not embarrased to admit it but I feel a swelling of pride in my chest whenever I read about our nations excessive boozing habits. We have always been a nation of drinkers and always will be – and let’s hope that nanny state governments telling us what isn’t good and bad for us won’t get in the way. Nor middle aged, middle class media moralising about how we should act.


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