Posted by: martinworster | September 11, 2008


My favourite comedian Russell Brand had the biggest gig of his life last Sunday (Sept 7th) at the MTV VMA awards on Sunday and caused quite a controversey. The next day it was reported all over the news, even on CNN who had live phones over the issue. I’m sure Russell would be squealing in delight at all the fuss. Amongst other outre comments, Brand called Bush a ‘retarded cowboy’ and made fun of the Jonas Brothers chasitity vows. 

I’ve listened to Russell since he first started on Radio 2 nearly two years ago, so I suppose I am quite used to his no-holds-barred, speak the truth even-if-it-hurts comedic style. Some of the American viewers were unhappy at this ‘Limey’ coming over to their country and telling them how to vote (he’s pro Obama) and slagging off their president, plus using the word ‘retard’ which is very un PC. It’d be like a Yank coming over to Blighty and calling Gordon Brown a spastic.

Personally I thought Russell livened up a very dull awards show. He started off visibly nervous – not helped by a stiff Hollywood audience not willing to roll with it on some of his more controversial comments. I’m sure Russell will be very happy with the furore as he was an unknown coming into the show. MTV will also be happy with the attention. It’s refreshing to hear people to rant the truth, to speak the unspoken and cause some fuss. Good work Russell.



  1. I thought he was okay. Would have been better if he’s been more spicy, like in his home shows.

    This was an important show for Russell, but perhaps not his biggest. It was MTV so the audience was only 8.4 million. He’d probably get that easily in the UK on terrestrial.

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