Posted by: martinworster | September 16, 2008


As I mentioned before, I wheeled myself out of retirement, blew the dust of my 12s and started DJing again. As part of this DJ renaissance I have undertaken a spot of personal re-branding and renamed myself. My new DJ moniker? Han The DJ.

Han The DJ? That’s right. It gets a similarly puzzled look from people whenever I tell them. ‘Are you a German DJ?’, they ask. Perhaps they mis-heard me say Hun The DJ. Perhaps I am XL endowed and could be Well Hung The DJ. Maybe I have BO and they thought I said Hum The DJ. A strip of bacon on my head and I’m Ham The…earrgh.

All these reasons are of course wrong. I am Han The DJ as it a dizzingly witty and clever pun on The Smiths’ ‘Panic At The Disco’ where the chorus goes ‘Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ, Hang The DJ….Hang The DJ.’

Geddit? Thank you Morrissey. I’m even thinking of sampling the chorus and using it as my opening aural tag. I know. It’s cheesier than a lake of fondue with cheddar sprinkled in but I think it’s quite funny. Better than DJ Martin. I thought it was cool in an ironic postmodern 80s reference kitsch kind of way. I hope the cool kids will love it too. They like Panic At The Disco, so why not me?

I have a monthly gig at Bar Avalon in Costa Mesa called Zap! with my good friend from Leeds, Matt Foster, alongside DJ Mikey. There’s a little dance floor and occasionally the Southern California hipsters shake their tight jeaned legs to the disco / funk / soul / house / acid house / balearic mash up we play.  Move aside Sasha and Digweed, it’s all gone Pete Tong as Han The DJ is in the house.



  1. We are all jealous of your awesome name! Big ups Zap! massive.

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