Posted by: martinworster | October 20, 2008


Living in exile I’m guilty of constantly comparing my American host country to England. To be honest it’s quite exhausting, not to mention pointless. Despite being aware of this – like a little boy told not to touch – I keep doing it.

Let me give some concrete examples. It can be anything. American drivers are so bad compared to England. American politics is so immature compared to that at home. The food here is terrible, I much prefer the restaurants in England. The pubs here are so sterile and atmosphere free, oh to be in a London boozer. Gosh, when I go to concerts in LA, the crowds are so tame, not like back in Blighty! Why is everyone so irritatingly religious here, not like the glorious God-free society back home.

It’s frustrating and a very bad habit. I suppose it’s part and parcel of being a British moaner, mixed with a bit of arrogance about my own country, also probably a very British trait (although I do think we are the best). It’s exhausting as I compare almost any scenario and it’s often very narrow minded and exposes perhaps more my own prejudices than those of my host country.

It’s like comparing two ex-girlfriends. Get over it – they’re different. Comparing is fruitless. Help.


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