Posted by: martinworster | November 8, 2008


_dsc0446The minds of little boys are funny things. The shot is of Tristan flying a kite on Huntington Beach. It’s one of those shots where everything comes together. I’ve studied it – and it is indeed perfect. The unadulterated glee of a two year old’s first experience flying a kite, the exposure against the azul sky, the bright colours of the kite captured perfectly in the frame. I am just a brilliant photographer.

Tristan was screaming at the top of his lungs. ‘Kite! Kite! Kite!’ I screamed at him:’Turn around..Turn around!’ as I clambered low on the sand desparate to get the right photographic perspective. Tristan – out of character – obeyed for a nanasecond and I captured his massive smile. Then he ran off down the beach.

I chased after him trying to get more shots. Then he ditched the kite – it was left flapping folornly. I grabbed it and tried to give it back to him. He didn’t want it.

‘Come on Tristan, take the kite. Kite! Kite! Kite!’ I implored, desparate to relive the moment that had just passed moments earlier. Tristan wasn’t having any of it. He wasn’t interested in the kite anymore. I wondered how he could have loved and enjoyed something so much and in an instant do a complete U-turn to rejection and disinterest.

I thought that maybe the experience might have scared him, tethered to a piece of string attached to something flapping in the strong wind. Maybe he thought a strong gust might have carried him up, off and away into the eternally cloudless California sky. We will never know, suffice to say the minds of little (and big) boys are funny things. I’m just glad I captured the moment and here it was.



  1. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Valerie, didn’t think anyone read this! Hope all is well. Martin

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