Posted by: martinworster | January 23, 2009


_dsc0072Who’s to say the sun won’t suddenly explode and we all frazzle like crispy bacon? What’s stopping the world from spinning off into a completely different orbit? Who’s stopping a massive asteroid smashing into the earth and ending life as we know it? Our existence has always hung on a thread, but just at the moment we are lead to believe it’s the most perilous it’s ever been as the media peddles doomsday scenarios and a general fin de siecle air of continual menace.

‘If we don’t change now, by 2050…unless carbon emissions are reduced by 70% by 2015 the outcome will be…with developing countries adopting First World gas guzzling lifestyles we’re all totally….’

Everything’s changing so fast it’s hard for scientists to predict outcomes and scenarios. Is the planet hotting up? It feels like it. I remember Winters in England as a child were much colder with longer lasting snow. Does that mean the planet is hotting up or it’s just a short term trend I experienced?

What is going to happen in thirty years time? Polar ice caps melt, the sea is less salty, Ocean currents and streams are affected, permafrost melts letting off more COs. Rainforests are cut down so less trees to absorb the COs. Endless more cars, factories, humans, cows belching methane to feed all the meat eaters, vegetarians farting counter offsetting all those long distance flights. It’s such a complex model. How can all these endless permutations of data be amalgamated into a coherent equation with a specific outcome? It can’t. As has always been true, there’s absolutely no way of knowing what the future holds and increasingly it seems we’re spoon fed endless fear because of this.

Recycle, offset (does that do any good?), buy locally, fly less, turn off your TV, don’t use plastic bags, drive a hybrid, cycle more, drive less, use less water, walk more, take the train, do this, do that…I try to do as much as I can (although admittedly failing on some counts, particularly flying). I hope what I do do makes some difference but then fuck knows…


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