Posted by: martinworster | May 6, 2009


_dsc0039To twitter – a noise a bird makes. Sometimes it’s beautiful, often annoying – a cacophony of calls, shouts, chirps and bleeps. But essentially a meaningless din. Much like the rise and rise of Twitter. Do twits twitter? I first heard of Twitter a few years ago. It sounded interested but a bit of a weird stand-alone version of something you could already do with Facebook et al by using the ‘status update’. 


‘Woke up…Knocked back a double espresso, youch…Had trapped wind….Waiting in a queue for bus..irritating’. Yes, it is irritating. Did we really need to know micro updates of people lives? No. The airwaves are already polluted with messages, an overwhelming hum of dross and aural smog. I know there are other less mundane uses for twitter, it doesn’t have to be an inane recounting of the meaningless minutaie. For instance, the application can be used poetically – a post haiku format for wit and inspiration. Or maybe there are useful business applications. And, unlike with email and ‘send to all’, it can be a less invasive form of updating a group with jokes, suggestions and rants.


But to be honest it’s just another time consuming application I don’t have time for. Give it a few months and the next hip destination de jour will be in vogue and all the tech trendies will run lemming like.


It reminds me of the chattering classes. (Chattering classes is a generally derogatory[1] term often used by pundits and political commentators to refer to a politically active, socially concerned and highly educated section of the “metropolitan middle class,”[1] especially those with political, media, and academic connections). And now we have the twittering classes – a narrow section of urban elite early adopters many in a media or educated profession who think that the constant stream of pointless bile in their daily lives is worth broadcasting. Just like this blog…


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