Posted by: martinworster | July 30, 2009


Okay, so this is quite an easy target – the police state OTT ridiculousness of America and it’s attitudes to drinking. Getting ‘carded’ is the routine in any drinking establishment – no matter what age you are. I’ve seen people clearly into their sixties getting carded – if they were under 21 and looked like that then they have some serious degenerative ageing condition and really deserve a drink. It’s also not uncommon to be carded more than once in a night – just in case you’re a Benjamin Button type who gets younger as time moves forward. At first it was flattering. It quickly became annoying.


American was founded by Puritans and this legacy lives on. Maybe it goes someway in explaining Prohibition – how did that happen? How can you make drinking alcohol in all it’s lovely forms illegal? Who came up with that stupid idea and how did it get through? Like the War on Drugs it’s pointless and we know that Prohibition was a failure and only empowered gangsters in the 1920s. So no parallels with now then?


One of my most frustrating experiences of ‘silly alcohol rules’ was at the Coachella festival – the West Coast’s answer to Glastonbury. Except they have a designated drinking area. You are unable to wander freely as an adult out in the open listening to your favourite schmindie band whilst supping ale. No, you have to be herded cattle like into a fenced compartment to drink. Madness! What fun-killing pointless and ridiculous nutter came up with that idea? We’re adults – can’t you show us some respect to behave as much and to wander freely with beer in hand? 


Other places I’ve been too you can’t buy a round of drinks. They limit you to two drinks each. Again not sure what that silly rule is trying to achieve. Or not being allowed to drink on the street or beach. Or in some places being allowed to drink on the street when the bottle is in a brown bag. As if the bag somehow hides the drink, but actually makes it much more obvious you are boozing. 


There’s also the rehab obsessed abstinence culture which prevails – ie if you have more than a few drinks a week then that constitutes a drinking problem. Time for rehab. Hmm, in my opinion the best cure for rehab is drinking. Nobody likes a quitter.


So all these silly drinking laws I imagine are there to protect our safety – yet we can relatively easily buy a gun here? Hmm, doesn’t add up. Easy and obvious – ahem – target but worth considering…


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