Posted by: martinworster | October 15, 2009


Does anyone else feel sorry for Gordon Brown? Look up beleaguered in the dictionary and there is a photo of Gordon. Weirdly, I just Googled ‘beleaguered’ to see if I had spelt it right and Gordon Brown came up in a news story as third result. I kid you not…


I can’t help feeling that Brown is a victim of circumstance of Shakespearian proportions. The poor man spent the best part of a decade waiting patiently in the wings as the swarmy, media savvy Blair stole all the glory. Let’s face it Blair had some qualities – he was a great orator, he looked good, masterful at sound bite delivery, the head of a happy family. Okay, he lead us into futile wars based on lies but…


Poor Gordon pops up unelected and the whole world economic order collapses. Initially, right after the crisis Brown was seen as very decisive in being the first to bail out the banks. Other countries followed. Brown’s popularity rose. That was over a year ago. They say a week in politics is a lifetime. A year is an eternity.


Now Gordon looks quite a sad character. He looks unhealthy. Dustbin liner sized bags under his eyes. A pale, flaky pallor. Worries lines etched in all directions like a map of failure. His nervous twitch of pushing his bottom lip with his toungue is even more accenuated of late.  Snubbed by Obama. Not having the confidence of his own party. Rejected by The Sun (wot might win it). He looks like he needs a good hug.


That’s the thing. I like Gordon. I can tell he’s a man of integrity. His dour, non-celebrity friendly manner strikes an honest chord with me. I trust the man. It’s just clear that these values don’t do it in the cut and thrust, short memory span world of politics.


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