Posted by: martinworster | November 8, 2009


Does anyone else get the horrid feeling that everything is moving too quickly? I mean everything. Maybe it’s a symptom of getting older? As a school boy those summer holidays stretched out…for an eternity. A lifetime of jaunts, experiences, japes and games, an idylic Enid Blyton-esque aracadian romp involving ponds and freshly mowed heaths under an eternal English August sun. Now I just about get over my winter cold and suddenly I’m sweating like a glass blowers arsehole in the Californian August heat. Blink again and it’s suddenly Christmas. Valentines Day. Oooooh, scarey, now it’s Halloween again!  Quick wear silly costumes and watch Halloween IV. As if the year is solely defined by the events we’re supposed to buy presents and cards for, as if sponsored by Hallmark.

I think the internet has a lot to do with it. Speeding everything up. Making everything smaller. Everything is there. Nowhere left untouched. Data streams on top of Everest. Hyper text on remote South Pacific atolls. You’re not escaping the information tsunamis! It’s interesting to see how this will affect the human psyche long term in terms of evolution. As the internet evolves into being even more of humanity’s collective unconscious it might – science fiction writers take note – just take on a mind of it’s own. If it hasn’t already. Conversely – the affects on the evolution of the human brain will be significant considering all this mind blowing information at our finger tips. We absorb a lot more information and quickly. Our children will absorb even more and quickly than we do. And so on. But how much can we take? It already feels like Google is inside my heard. And I’m sure Google are already working on the application where search results are fed directly into your brain. 

I find the infinite realms of the internet both liberating and imprisoning. Regular daily use, particularly long hours – means my concentration isn’t what it used to be. It affects my reading of books. In the byte sized world of instant gratification and Tweet length content delivery, if I’m not drawn in by paragraph three of the novel then it probably ain’t gonna happen. I need to take a sabbatical from the internet. I’m moving to a South Pacific atoll.


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