Posted by: martinworster | November 11, 2009

77. iPhone therefore iAm

I finally relented and bought an iPhone. As I spend so much time on the internet I was reluctant to have the www permanently switched on in my pocket. The last recess of offline sanity was to be no more. I can Twitter and Facebook from anywhere. I am never out of the loop on any global breaking news story. I know where I am all the time due to the built in GPS system. There’s even now a built in compass so I know my East from my West. Other people can know where I am using Buddy Beacon. Not sure I want to keep that one installed.

I’d obviously played with friends iPhones and was very impressed. Having my own I am even more impressed. The applications are mind boggling and limitless. I can check surf reports on all the local beaches. Skype other Sype users for free. Play games. I’ve even downloaded an app that turns my phone into a synthesizer. Gary Numan watch your back. Videos. Music. I Google mapped my parents house and zoomed in far enough using the ‘terrain’ view that I could see individual trees in the garden. I streamed dubstep from Rinse FM, a London pirate radio station. All on my a ‘phone’! 

The only thing I couldn’t do was to keep my old phone number. Despite upgrading from a Pay As You Go with AT&T to a contract with AT&T. You’d think that would be quite a simple procedure. So despite all the rocket science achievable with the phone – I couldn’t retain my old number. Quite ironic really.


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