Posted by: martinworster | November 2, 2010


I just wish he’d stop stalking me…

Just watched David Beckham play for LA Galaxy in their 2-1 win (Oct 24 2010) over Dallas FC. We got our money’s worth as Beckham scored. As I watched him I got a weird, mixed up feeling of nostalgia and fate. I’ve watched this man for the best part of two decades. Watching him for most of the 90s as he played for Manchester United – he was just a boy. Man U – Ferguson, Kean, Giggs, Cantona etc – defined the 90s in football terms for me. Then, Beckham was a sheepish young man, shy and nervous in interviews with that much mocked barely audible, high pitched voice. As he grew older and gained  in stature to the Brand Beckham behemoth that he is now he clearly grew in confidence.

At the same time as I moved to Spain – June 2003 – Beckham moved to Real Madrid to become a ‘Galtico’. I saw him play at the Bernabeu. The year before I had seen him in his last season for Man U at a game in Turin against Juventus. Then pretty much a year after I moved to the United States he announced his move to Los Angeles. I really wish he would stop following me about.

So I watched closely has he ran around the Home Depot Centre – a smallish stadium in Carson, a grubby suburb of LA. The crowd – well mostly the woman – cheered and whistled as he took his top off for a shirt change. So this is what the twilight years of a top flight football career look like? Probably not that bad for one of the highest earning sports stars on the planet. Move to LA – Posh can pursue her career. Tom Cruise is a good mate. Maybe a Hollywood career lies ahead for Becks?

I could tell he wasn’t really exerting himself. He still stood out. There was still some magic left in those ageing legs. Saying that, in this tin pot league I’d probably – just – be able to keep up. 

Tristan and Oliver enjoyed the game. They don’t understand the rules. I could tell when a goal was scored and everyone was cheering and screaming, jumping about and waving their arms – that they were at first a bit scared. Then they realised it was a benevolent celebration and joined in. When they’re older I can tell them they got to see King Beckham in the flesh.


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