Posted by: martinworster | November 19, 2012



Considering the main contender for the American Presidency (Romney) was a Mormon, the timing couldn’t have been better to go and see the new musical Book Of Mormon in Los Angeles. The musical had a very successful run on Broadway and headed West for a few nights. Before moving to America, Mormonism was something I’d heard of but didn’t know much about. Another one of those weird religious offshoots – or more accurately cults – that America seems very adept at producing. We don’t really get many Mormons in the UK.

Before seeing the show I had some reservations. Let’s face it, Mormonism seems an easy target for a satirical piece of musical theatre? Some of it’s beliefs and practices seem a bit crazy and hence are really not too difficult to mock for cheap laughs. I know, Mormonism probably spread so much in the US echoing why people originally…

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