Posted by: martinworster | May 22, 2013

150. TreeHouse Arts

Artist of the Month – Me

The excellent TreeHouse Arts website have chosen me as their artist of the month and featured some of my photography on their website. The website is a great showcase for art in all it’s forms – creative writing, poetry, photography – and is definitely worth a perusal.

Most of my photos selected were travel photography – most of it older work also. Interestingly most of it taken with a non-digital camera and the prints were scanned and converted to digital. Looking again at the photos brings back many memories.

The oldest memory is of the man with an anaconda snake – we were on a jungle surfari in the Pantanal region of Brazil. An amazing place full of wildlife. Our guides wrestled crocodiles, caught a giant anteater – and caught the giant anaconda as photographed. All pretty non-PC stuff now – but back in the early 90s (pre-climate change) it was all amazing Croc Dundee type japes.

Click here to visit the Artist of Month Page

Artist of the Month – Me


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