Posted by: martinworster | July 11, 2016

Cannes Festival / Uprush Party

Chateau De La Napoule


Party settings don’t come more magical than this. Take a beautiful seventeenth century chateau – Chateau De La Napoule – hugging the Cote D’Azure just outside Cannes.  Throw in a splattering of celebs, movie producers, models, pop stars, actors, writers, directors, a few customary liggers and the odd wannabe. Add to the mix flowing champagne, two rooms of pumping music, a dash of vodka and a warm, balmy evening for the climatic backdrop, and there you have it. The perfect ingredients for the uprush party on the opening weekend of the 53rd Cannes Film Festival.



Skin from Skunk Anansie


The chateau provided a fairytale setting. You could have a natter on the terrace as you looked out onto the Mediterranean. Amble round the ornate gardens, replete with piped bird noises for the full multi-medieval experience. Clamber up to the turret complete with childhood Rapunzel fantasies intact. Or -and this seemed to be the most popular option for the night – lose yourself on the dancefloor to the sounds of mullet hairstyled DJ Jeremy Scott.



Fashion designer Jeremy Scott


Wandering round within the chateau it was entertaining to indulge in a game of spot the celebrity. Spotted on the night were, in no particular order, Bjork, Andy Macdowell, Skin from Skunk Anansie, Danish film director Lars Von Trier, DJ Jeremy Healey, Nick Moran, Mariella Frostrup, De La Soul and enough long limbed models to fill this month’s Vogue cover to cover.



Bjork violently happy on the dancefloor


Fresh from recording her new single with Prodigy member Maxine, Skin told uprush she was here purely for one reason: fun. Bjork on the other hand had work to do with the premier of her acting debut in ‘Dance In The Dark’ to promote. Although this didn’t seem to stop Iceland’s favourite export from giving it some on the dancefloor and knocking back the UK’s favourite import, Moet & Chandon. Ditto for ‘Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’ star Nick Moran, who’s new film ‘Another Life’ was causing a buzz amongst the Cannes glitterati. This didn’t stop him from waltzing the circuit and doing his best to help deplete the champagne reserves.

In Cannes the cult of celebrity has taken such extreme measures that even dogs have agents. This came to light at the party after meeting Mutley. The French poodle schmoozed and panted his way around the courtyard in an effort to tout for more work. He’s already starred in a few movies and has his own website. Watch this space. Mutley’s a star.

Thankfully the fact that Cannes annual sex movie fest – The Porn D’Ore – was taking place just along the coast didn’t distract the guests. Although it has to be said, that as dawn light appeared some of the messier guests (no names here, we’re not into that) were seen sauntering off in that direction with a wild look in their eyes….

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