Posted by: martinworster | December 13, 2016

ATB Interview

It happens every year. One song comes out that manages to strike a chord straight to the nation’s heart. Last year it was Stardust’s ‘Music Sound’s Better With You’ which soundtracked the summer from Aberdeen to Sheffield via a quick Ibizan stopover.

This time it’s ATB’s ‘9PM (Till I Come)’, which when heard in ten years time will ignite more than a few mental archives and wistful memories of the ‘I remember back in the summer of 99’ ilk.

When dotmusic met up with Germany’s Andre Tanneburger (his initials make up ATB – geddit?) he was looking more than a little jaded. But from the enourmous grin on his face you could tell the previous night’s festivities – the odd Stein of lager was clearly drunk – were called for after selling a massive 270,000 copies of ATB in one week and hitting the UK No 1 spot.

“Last night was the party of the year for us. It’s an unbelievable chart position in what I think’s the most important chart in the world,” Andre buzzes. For the chart countdown via those trusty folks at Radio One, the Ministry of Sound (ATB’s label) crew hired a Soho watering house where they and Andre and his crew saw in the Top Ten with a vodka shot for each number: Ten, gulp, nine, slurrrp, eight, seven, six, five, burp, four, three, two.~Hiccup.~One: “F***K!~ VOW! ZIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!! UK NUMBER VUN ‘ERE VE COME!! PROST” (Excuse the broken English!)


The celebration was a double. It’s ATB’s debut UK Number One and it’s the Minstry of Sound’s first national chart topper. The thing is, although Andre’s obviously still pinching himself over the result (the UK is, of course, the icing on the cake), he’s had more than his fair share of number ones across Europe.

In fact in his native Germany, Andre’s a star on a par with Sash!. “I’m still surprised that England caught up three-quarters of a year later.~I thought it was like, ‘that’s it’. But even France is catching up like the UK.” Andre quips.

We might be behind our European neighbours, but it seems the Brits have caught up and possibly overtaken by taking ATB to our hearts. With this in mind Andre is in the UK with his business partner and long term friend Woody van Eyden looking to put together a group around ATB; “For the public demand we want to put together a performance act around ATB so we can tour the world. We’re putting together the group here because for me the most talented people in the music industry are here in the UK.”

ATB’s also been busy with his new album – ‘Movin’ Melodies’ – featuring ‘9PM (Till I Come)’. It includes the next single, ‘Don’t Stop’, and a cover version of Adamski and Seal’s hit ‘Killer’ from the early 90s.

“You’ll be surprised when you hear the album,” Andre tells us. “There’s some very different styles of music. Not all of it’s dancey – but everything is well produced with lotsof melodies and interesting bits.”

Which leaves one thing unanswered. Just what does the name of the song ‘9PM (Til I Come)’ mean? Andre explains how he had just finished building his new studio at his home in Germany and he was showing a girlfriend round. He started turning on the instruments and playing them. He started to show off and got carried away.

“I started playing with the synthesizer and suddenly this amazing sound came out that is now the guitar riff on 9PM.” he says. “I forget about the girl and started playing the instruments and created the track and three hours later, at 9pm, I finished the track and that’s where the name came from. So basically it’s just a working title – nothing more.” A working title that works.

So there’s no sexual undertone there then Andre? “I’ll leave that to your imagination” he smiles.

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