Posted by: martinworster | February 13, 2017

Boy George Interview


When dotmusic hooked up with Boy George at his record company’s London HQ he was dressed in typically flamboyant mode with full make-up and a glittering wide brimmed hat. “I’m really shy,” George told dotmusic. Yeah right! “The great thing about make-up and clothes is they can make you into a warrior.” Er, sorry George – we don’t follow. George continues: “Although in principle you should feel more uncomfortable the more ridiculous you look it works in reverse for me.”

He might have said it himself, but George is looking anything but ridiculous. His career has had more ups and downs than the late Alan Clarke’s backside, but George has definitely emerged at a plateau in his life where he is content, successful and in full control.

A brief run through of his career to date is breathtaking for its colour and breadth of experiences. Club character on the early 80s London nightclub scene, phenomenal global success with Culture Club, late 80s drug addiction and his subsequent dry out, experimentation with Eastern religion, emergent player as a DJ and producer on the dance scene and now – over a decade later – the first new material for over fifteen years from the recently reformed Culture Club. Phew!

Meeting up with Boy George, it’s also good to see he’s lost nothing of his outspoken character and wit. “I’m not one of those people who watches from the sidelines,” George explains. “A pop star has to be about more than just their music.” With that he reels off a list of characters who inhabit his own personal flamboyant gallery of pop – Bowie, Bjork, T Rex and Skunk Anansie, who “if she was a man would be the biggest rock star in the UK.”

Click on the video links above to watch and hear George talking about George Michael’s shortcomings as a performer, 80s competitiveness, Robbie as the clown prince of British pop and the continuing influence of reggae on Culture Club’s new album ‘Don’t Mind If I Do’.


(Originally published on dotmusic)


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