Posted by: martinworster | October 28, 2017

Just Say Thanks

Avoid my road rage and exercise some manners whilst driving…

Aghh, what’s the point? You’ve lived here long enough to know things are different, it’s a pointless and exhausting to constantly compare everything. Get over it – shit’s different in the US of A. But one thing that really gets me agitated is when people don’t say ‘thank you’ when you let them out in traffic. Driving along a congested road and you see someone trying to get out on the main road – so you stop and courteously let them go whilst smiling and gesticulating with your hand as you wave them in. And then…nothing. Not even a smile, friendly wave or any other form of thanks or recognition back. Zilch. Nada. Sweet FA.


That’s when my blood boils and I start unleashing expletives. ‘THANK YOU! MANNERS DON’T COST ANYTHING!! ****!!’

But do they really need to say thank you? I am living in a different country with a different culture, values and habits – so get used to it. But I absolutely do think you should be thanked when you let someone ahead of you. I think it makes for a more civilised society and manners are a mark of culture and respect. Plus, yes, they don’t cost anything. It all gets a bit ‘dog eat dog’ if everyone just races through life without consideration and good manners to others.

I even got into a bit of a dispute over it with an another driver the other day – who didn’t say thanks so I slightly honked him and mouthed ‘why not say thanks?’ He then pulled up next to me and wound down his window and we had a slightly heated discussion:

‘Why did you honk me’
‘Because you didn’t say thanks when I let you in and I found it rude’
‘I don’t need to say thanks. Do you just do things to get a thank you reward? I think it’s rude you honked me. Are you trying to teach me manners?
‘Yes, I am, if you don’t know it how else will you learn – unless I teach you?

On and on it went. I admit I was in a bit of a bad mood that day and perhaps the horn toot was a tad OTT. Normally I would just scream in my enclosed car space whilst simultaneously raising my blood pressure and going tomatoe red without hitting the horn. The exchange wasn’t too angry with raised voices etc – more a slightly heated debate on manners, like a lost scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hopefully he did learn something new – although the lesson delivered in a British accent might have sounded a little snooty. ‘Coming over here, telling us how to behave, who do they think they are?’

Interestingly, I think it is a cultural thing as drivers here don’t have the habit of turning on the hazard lights as a thank you for letting them in on the motorway / freeway that we utilise in the UK. I think manners and politeness make for a better society and I am happy to continue my on-road lessons. Just say thanks. That’s all I ask.


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