Posted by: martinworster | June 26, 2019

Eric B & Rakim / Grove of Anaheim June 21 2019








I was genuinely excited to be seeing hip hop legend Rakim alongside his long term DJ Eric B. I first heard this duo in the mid to late 80s as they are true hip hop pioneers. For many Rakim is considered the greatest MC, an asseration with which I agree. I remember playing their debut ‘Paid In Full’ album relentlessly, probably in the summer of 1987 (I know, that dates me). In fact, it specifically reminds me of a family summer to holiday to Miami when I listened to the album on loop on my Sony Walkman whilst walking the humid South Florida streets and beaches. For a teenage suburban Londoner, the rhymes and beats totally transported me to another place. I can still this day rhyme word for word along to ‘Paid In Full’ and the eponymous single is for me perhaps the greatest rap song ever. Also, as a DJ the Double Trouble remix of ‘I Know You Got Soul’ was – and still is – a staple dance floor filler for the best part of 30 years. Interestingly this remix was by a young Norman Cook who went on to become Fatboy Slim. Eric B – the ‘Microphone Fiend’ – I truly salute you.


Eric B & Rakim / Grove of Anaheim June 21 2019

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