Posted by: martinworster | June 27, 2019

Facebook Debate

I know. Let’s get involved in a Facebook debate with someone we don’t know. Choose the topic – gun control, climate change, immigration policy, Brexit, etc – and fire away. I am sure through reasonable dialogue and persuasive argument we can each convince the other of our point enough to make them swivel in their opinion and join our side. Or not. Probably.

Rather, the debate will descend into a bitter stalemate – opposing sides more opposed. Off to read other news sources to amplify through echo chamber their ingrained belief and increase the angry polarization. Perhaps coming back after few hours / days having mentally forumlated their devastating response. Linking to other news stories / quotes / sources to validate their argument as everything you read on the internet is true. ‘LOOK, this article / infographic I am linking to definitely proves my point. I told you! End of!’

The comments section of the debate might meander off and loop with others chipping in. Sometime debaters joining forces and ganging up, circling like jackals going for the kill, nipping at the heels in provocation, looking to press buttons and get an angry response. There might be side arguments, splintering off in sub-sections, mini skirmishes outside the main mob. I am smarter, quicker, better read, my superior dialectic has left you stuttering.. I am just more right than you are.

The anger swells. Someone in a bad mood somewhere in the world punching input into their smartphone trying to ‘win’ the argument with a trenchant swipe of keyboard that proves their point, emerging as short lived victor with a last mintue goal. I am right. You are wrong. I AM RIGHT. YOU ARE WRONG.

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