Posted by: martinworster | September 21, 2019

Massive Attack @ Hollywood Palladium September 4 2019




I remember when ‘Mezzanine’ came out in 1998. Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ had came out the year before, as part of the whole ‘Pre Millenial Tension’ (thanks Tricky) musical atmosphere of anxiety about the imminent new century (which all seems slightly benign and innocent when compared to the current state of world affairs). Massive Attack are for me are one of – it not the – most imporant bands of the last few decades. ‘Blue Lines’ hearalded a new musical paradigm: melancholic yet soulful, dubby and weed infused, funky and slightly menacing, all done within the sound system framework, ie rotating guest vocalists and members. It was – and is – a game changer.
You forget how many great tracks are on ‘Mezzanine’ and thankfully tonight all key figures – Horace Andy and Elizabeth Frazer – are in the building to sing them. They also did lots of tasteful and relevant covers – The Cure, Bauhaus, Ultravox – which really shine a light on their sonic influences influencing the album. The visuals are also amazing. I’m genuinely moved. Big up the Bristol massiv.




Set List:
I Found a Reason (The Velvet Underground cover)
10:15 Saturday Night (The Cure cover)
Man Next Door (with Horace Andy)
Black Milk (with Elizabeth Fraser)
Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus cover)
See a Man’s Face (Horace Andy cover with Horace Andy)
Dissolved Girl
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (Pete Seeger cover with Elizabeth Fraser)
Inertia Creeps
Rockwrok (Ultravox cover)
Angel (with Horace Andy)
Teardrop (with Elizabeth Fraser)
Levels (Avicii cover)
Group Four (with Elizabeth Fraser)






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