MeTube (about me)

I am 35 years old and married with have two beautiful sons. I am Englishman in Southern California.

I am a frustrated writer (oh no) and a former journalist, hence this blog on the ‘weirdness’ of living in Orange County and comments on this surreal life in general. I don’t own a cat.

I am a music fanatic and pretend to like surfing. I like reading and supping fine wines and ale.

I earn my living by selling antiques and art via the interweb as part of a London based family business. That’s ‘kinda weird’ as they say out here.

I have lived in Chamonix, France (where I was a cool resort Disc Jockey). I also lived in Barcelona, Spain where I attempted to learn the language (although not Catalan).


  1. Hi martin, Hope all is well – have been enjoying your blogs and catching up on your life without catching up !

    Check out a band playing in LA at The Echo on the 30th July. Just signed tehm to a publishing deal, record comign out on fiction. Lots of 80’s influences – I love them

    Take care Hugo x

  2. call me ryan 0034 672075486 or 044 845 229 4646 at work. thought i lost contact with you.

  3. Hi Martin, I came across your blog on google. I am writing about Banksy and I would really appreciate talking to you about Steve Earle his ?first manager. regards, Will

    • Hi Will

      Sure, how do you want to do it? thanks

  4. Can I get you on skype? That worked well the last time I talked to someone in LA? Thanks, Will

  5. Hi Will

    sure, skype works, do you want to email me direct? My address is

    Can you tell me a little bit about the book? do you have a website, blog?


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